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LEE SeungHwan - Artist

Instead of a soul or essence, the algorithmic person is defined by a distribution of data, patterns, and interactions scattered across many platforms and interfaces.


What Algorithms Want : Imagination in the Age of Computing, ED Finn

Algorithms broke the boundaries between real and virtual and became a common operation. Additionally, she continues to express her desire for expansion. But reality is an uncertain space. The uncertainty of reality creates infinite cases. On the other hand, this discipline has limits because it analyzes the information that has already been calculated and the parts that can be calculated. In other words, the numerical space implemented via the algorithms is a space of possibilities of finite calculations, which creates a predictable number of cases.

This amounts to saying that a human being and nature virtualized in numerical codes of 0 and 1 via a set of algorithms exists in a system of possibilities of finite calculations. Therefore, these human forms and actions and artificial natures can be predicted or controlled by calculation or mathematical models. Moreover, if this domain continues to expand beyond the limit of actual computational complexity through its desire for expansion, humans and natures will increasingly become virtualized beings as more information will be digitized.


2020 - 2023


University of Paris 1 Pantheon - Sorbonne  

- Visual Arts, Aesthetics and Art Sciences

2019 - 2020


University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

- Fine Arts and Contemporary Creation


2016 - 2019


Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels - Higher School of Art

- Sculpture



2013 - 2014


University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne  

- Fine Arts

2010 - 2013


National School of Art and Design of Nancy

- Fine Arts 

Expériences professionnelles  


Exposition Solo




« Borders of uncertainty », CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea



« Limited uncertainty », Gallery CYART, Seoul, Korea

Exposition Collective




« Une autre scène de Corée », Gallery Odile Ouizeman, Paris, France

« Noir artspace », Serrés du parc André Citroën, Paris, France

« Être et Paraître », Korean Cultural Center, Paris, France



« Out standing », Gallery 59, Paris, France

« Flowers in the attic », Gallery 89, Paris, France

« GSAF », Gallery ADM, Seoul, Korea

« Start up and art docent », Tips town S2, Seoul, Korea

« Outre mesure », Korean Cultural Center, Paris, France

« Concept 2021 », CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea

« 2021 NFT BEGINS », Gallery CYART, Seoul, Korea

« One to two », Gallery ADM, Seoul, Korea


« 3m² », Gallery Beaubourg, Paris, France


« (IN)ERRANCE », Gallery BIS, Paris, France

« (H)OR'DINAIRE », Gallery 59, Paris, France

« Carte de Visite », Brussels, Belgium  



« Love ATH », Ath, Belgium

« Carte de Visite », Brussels, Belgium

« Artemarket », Changgu, Korea



« Autonomy », Brussels, Belgium

« ykab », Gallery Embassy of Korea, Brussels, Belgium



« Performance », Gallery 104, Paris, France



« L'ombre », Gallery NAMIMA, Nancy, France

« Le bureau de dessin », Gallery ESAL, Metz, France



« Monochrome », Gallery CHOPIN, Nancy, France 

Others Expériences


Editing : Art now CICA 2022, Korea




Sogang University : book Illustration, Paris, France

Book Title : Dictionnaire raisonné et illustré d’expressions imagées du français




Bleubicon Korea : Production of Disaster Safety Brochures, Seoul, South Korea




Secondseed : Paris Fashion Show (Zio Homme), Space Installation - Paris, France   

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+33 7 72 12 20 76

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